Aluminium Foil Containers : The Ideal Packaging Product

The aluminium foil containers is in many ways superior to other substitute packaging products and its properties are ideally suited to the exacting needs of the modern food industry :

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Aluminium foil containers are Inert, Non Toxic, Odourless, Tasteless, and 100% impervious to light and oxygen, making it an effective protection medium for food products against all harmful environmental influences

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Aluminium foil containers are capable of withstanding the extremities of temperature from sub-zero blast frozen temperatures to very high sterilisation and re-heating temperatures in the conventional and microwave ovens

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Aluminium foil containers are economically priced and have been designed to fit into automated dispensing and filling machines, saving processing time and money

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Aluminium foil containers are environmentally friendly as they are 100% infinitely recyclable, saving valuable energy and the earth's resourses. Furthermore aluminium scrap commands a market value thus enabling the end-user to recoup some of its costs

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Aluminium foil containers can be fitted by various types of lids and closures to provide protection and long ambient storage life. Heat sealable containers can be hermetically sealed with peelable lids offering both maximum product protection and tamper-proofing abilities


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